The Atlanta Chapter encourages the donation of the book to libraries and organizations that will make this resource available to the public.  We have compiled a listing of libraries and centers that are known to have a copy of the book and can be viewed by clicking the link below.  Please review this list prior to making a donation to help avoid facilities with duplicate copies.

Libraries and Research Centers with Book


book-plate-donatedbook-plate-generalYou may complete your donation through our website.  Simply complete the form below, provide the name and address of the recipient and the Atlanta Chapter will ship the book on your behalf.  Additionally, if you choose, an attractive donation plate (3.5″ w x 4.75″ h) as shown to the left and right can be affixed inside the book, acknowledging your gift.


Please complete the form below to order books for donation.  Currently, purchases may be completed with either a check or through PayPal.  In both cases, completing this form will prompt us to send you instructions for mailing your check or completing your PayPal payment.  Payment verification will be required prior to the shipment of books (e.g. the check must clear or a PayPal receipt is received).  The cost per book is $90 (includes shipping).   If purchasing quantities, please contact us for possible discounts.  Please note that a $3.00 per book processing fee will be added for PayPal orders.  All net proceeds from the sale of this book will be used for preservation, rehabilitation and research of Georgia Revolutionary War battle sites.

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