It’s here!  After over two years in the works, the Atlanta Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is proud to make available the foundational resource for researching participants in the Georgia Revolutionary War engagements.  The new book, Patriots in Georgia Revolutionary War Engagements 1776-1782 is now available in print.

When most people think of the Revolutionary War, images of Lexington, Concord and George Washington at Valley Forge come to mind. If asked about the Colony of Georgia’s role in the Revolution, most people, including Georgians, are not aware of its role.  Georgia set the stage for several pivotal engagements.

In 2013, the Atlanta Chapter Sons of the American Revolution embarked on an educational outreach program, “Georgia’s Sacred Soils.”  Spearheaded by Dr. David A. Noble, one of the authors of this book, the objective was to construct and make available a pair of traveling exhibits that would educate the public about Revolutionary War Battle sites in Georgia. In preparing these exhibits, Dr. Noble visited each of the 28 known battle sites. At each site, soil samples, or water in the case of the one naval engagement, were collected as part of the exhibit’s display. More can be found about this exhibit on the Chapter’s website 

During his visits to the battle sites and researching the battles, Dr. Noble had a profound realization. For the most part, battle sites in Georgia are unmarked, there are no National Monuments and in particular, very little was known or documented about the Patriot heroes who took part in these battles beyond some basic information about the officers and commanders.

This was in part due to Georgia’s status during the Revolution.  Georgia was the only colony that ceased to be governed by a colonial government and reverted to direct control by the British Crown.  As a result, significant portions of the documents and records did not survive the Revolution.

In 2014, Dr. Noble announced at a Chapter Board of Managers meeting that he was embarking on a project to research and identify as many of the Patriots as possible who participated in Georgia engagements.  His goal was to document the individuals, battles in which they participated, other Patriots with whom they had associations and other relevant information.  He envisioned that he would need to collect this information in the form of a computerized database due to the inter-relationships that he wanted to establish.  At that meeting, Richard P. Marsh, the other author of this book, volunteered to assist in the project with technical support.

This collaboration led to a research and development effort that spanned more than two years, yielding many surprises along the way. Dr. Noble led the research effort reviewing thousands of pension records, historical texts and other sources.  Mr. Marsh developed systems to warehouse and management of the information, analyze the data and produce reports. The number of known Georgia engagements that began at 28 grew to 42.  It was hoped that several hundred Patriots could be identified; by the date of its publication, 2,052 Patriots had been identified and documented. Many of these patriots were originally from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The book provides, for the first time, linkage between the Patriots, their officers, the battles in which they fought and those with whom they associated.  The book is organized in two primary sections:  A summary of battles with the rosters for each engagement; and a summary of the Patriots with outlines for each of the engagements in which they were involved.

The Atlanta Chapter Sons American Revolution is proud to make this book available and to honor those who sacrificed for our freedom.  All proceeds from the sale of this book will be committed to the research and preservation of Georgia Revolutionary War sites.