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In the summer of 2013, Compatriot David Noble kicked off a Chapter project to find the locations of Revolutionary War Battlefields in Georgia where men had been killed or wounded.  After finding 28 sites, Compatriot Noble Joined by Compatriot Jim Hankins toured Georgia collecting soil samples at each site. Then we designed and constructed two traveling exhibits for the public along with a brochure to help educate them about the battles. The exhibits traveled to Gwynn, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Wilkes, and Cherokee Counties in Georgia and were presented at the 2014 State SAR meeting and the National SAR meeting in Greensborough, South Carolina. Presently one exhibit is in the City Office building of Snellville, Georgia and the second is in the welcoming center in Washington, Georgia.

Compatriot Noble discussing the exhibit with visitors

Compatriot Noble discussing the exhibit with visitors

Battles Included in the Georgia Sacred Soils Exhibit


  1. February 23, Battle of Fort McIntosh
  2. November 24, Battle of Oconee River at Long Creek


  1. July 5, Battle of Alligator Creek, Florida
  2. August 24, Battle of Nail’s Fort
  3. November 14, Battle of Bull Town Swamp
  4. November 15, Battle of Spencer’s Hill
  5. November 29, Battle of Midway Church and Sunbury
  6. December 29, Battle of Savannah I


  1. January 9, Battle of Fort Morris
  2. January 2, Battle of Burke County Jail
  3. February 9, Battle of Brownsborough
  4. February 10, Siege at Carr’s Fort
  5. February 10, Battle of Vann’s Creek
  6. February 14, Battle at Kettle Creek
  7. March 3, Battle at Briar Creek
  8. March 20, Naval Battle at Abercorn Creek
  9. March 21, Battle of Beech Island
  10. March 22, Battle of Rocky Comfort Creek
  11. June 27, Battle of Midway Church
  12. June 28, Battle of Hickory Hill
  13. August 14. Battle of Lockhart’s Plantation
  14. September, Second Battle at Carr’s Fort
  15. October 9, Attack at Spring Hill


  1. September 14, First Siege of Augusta


  1. May, Second Siege of Augusta
  2. May, Skirmish at Brier Creek


  1. May 23, Battle of Ogeechee Ferry
  2. June, Battle at Ebenezer